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What is Human Science?

Human science is a term applied to the investigation of human activities by a rational, systematic and verifiable methodology that acknowledges the validity of both data derived by impartial observation of sensory experience (objective phenomena) and data derived by means of impartial observation of psychological experience (subjective phenomena). It includes but is not necessarily limited to fields of study commonly included within the social sciences and humanities, including history, sociology, anthropology, and economics.  Read More


Can I have a quick chat to sort out if IGOR is useful to the problem I have?

We are very happy to have a chat with you to explain our services and to explore where our team could add value to your project. Please call our roaming mobile number +61 (0) 414 729 370 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and we can begin to answer your questions. Sometimes our chats provide our clients enough information to solve their current problem, but they know to seek us out when the next project comes along.


I have a team of Human Factors (HF) scientist already what can IGOR do to help?

IGOR can jump straight in and complement the work already underway by your HF scientists. Our team have a broad skill base and will be able to offer aligned support to your current HF scientsts, understanding the discpline and work practices our scientist will be able to hit the ground running and deliver results. Our scientist can also add new capability to your team. If your team lacks a certain specialisation of HF or if it requires more diverse HS (Human Science) skills, then we can provide the specialist.


Does IGOR work with the Universities?

IGOR has strong ties with Australian Universities; the University of South Australia, South Australia, the University of Adelaide, South Australia, The Australian National University, Australian Capital Territory, the University of Sydney, New South Wales, the University of New South Wales, New South Wales and Deakin University, Victoria.


What if the service IGOR provides is not what was expected?

At the commencement of all projects the IGOR project manager, and technical staff, will spend as much time as needed to work with you and your team to clearly identify what IGOR will be able to provide to add value to the outcomes you seek. During the contract IGOR manages the delivery of the agreed project work very carefully. IGOR project managers are available at any time to our clients to discuss how the project is going and make adjustments as required. We have a goal at IGOR, to ensure every client joins our client list keen to recommend IGOR services.


What if we like the staff from IGOR so much we want to hire them?

IGOR is keen to support the growth of Human Science capability in Australia and Globally and would not wish to compromise the career opportunities of Human Scientists. However, IGOR prides itself on developing strong Human Science expertise and capability for its clients through the excellent IGOR staff; carefully recruited, selected and trained by IGOR. Should a client seek to employ an IGOR staff within a contracted period or within 6 months of the commencement of a project, whichever is the lessor, then IGOR assumes the Companies role has been one of a recruitment agency and a placement fee can be negotiated. IGOR is happy to discuss this if the situation arises. 


Updates on IGOR

  • IGOR judges the fourth IAUR GXT, The Future of the Body in 2044
    We were delighted to be invited by the Australian National University (ANU) on July 18th 2014, to judge the Fourth Annual International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU) Global Cross-Disciplinary Tournament (GXT), a student driven event that promotes cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural teamwork. The tournament brings teams of undergraduate students from across the world, to produce innovative (and […]
  • IGOR continues to support LEGACY WEEK
    The beginning of September saw the Canberra IGOR office put to good use again for a second year, to coordinate the many volunteers including ADFA Cadets, eager to assist in raising funds for the families of veterans. Thanks to the generosity of visitors, businesses and residents of Manuka, Legacy Week was a great success.
  • IGOR & The Building Leadership Simulation Centre
    IGOR has been invited to visit the Building Leadership Simulation Centre (BLSC) in Melbourne, Victoria this month. The BLSC is a world leading capability in simulation for Australia. It represents a quantum leap for training in the building and construction industry in Australia. With state-of-the-art simulation technology, the BLSC is designed to assist the building […]
  • IGOR and HVHF, Strategic Partners
    IGOR Australia and HVHF Sciences, North America have established a strong strategic partnership. IGOR and HVHF together have the capability to bring great benefit to their respective clients. Combining the strength of IGOR’s experience to construct systems that enhance human capability along with HVHF’s specialized Human Factors knowledge to minimize the likelihood of catastrophic & […]
  • IGOR on the AWPA Research Panel
    IGOR is pleased to announce it has been selected as a preferred tenderer to provide Research and Consulting support to the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency (AWPA) in the Australian  Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education (DIISRTE).